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Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Wedding invitations will soon start rolling in. Love is in the air (as is the confetti) and you can’t wait to snap the happy couple as they emerge as husband and wife for the first time! But you’re being snapped too! And you need to look good…

A floral scuba dress is the best place to start. Any dress brings out your femininity and gives you that ‘dressed-up’ fancy feeling you want when you’re attending a special event. With a beautifully detailed dress, remember to keep it simple. You don’t need to complicate your look with any fussy accessories, just match a simple cover-up or jacket and you’re good to go.

Go for something versatile that you can wear to the event and then get use out of for the rest of the summer. Our Longline Lace Open Cover-Up in Ivory will look great with your occasion dress, but it will also complete any casual spring day time look, and it isn’t lost in your suitcase for your summer holiday either!

If you prefer a more chic, sophisticated look with glamorous accessories, go for something with a print. Bold print trousers with a plain top make the base for your outfit. It’s how you accessorise and style the outfit that makes you stand out.

Pair these show-stopping trousers with statement jewellery, like a bold necklace or sparkling earrings. Don’t forget to wear some glamorous heels to give you that extra flare, and no wedding look is complete without a fascinator.

Want to try something different? Why don’t you go for a jumpsuit or culottes? Both culottes and a jumpsuit will give the same grace and elegance as a dress but with the comfort of trousers. Give the illusion of a full skirt with any of our pull-on culottes or create a tall maxi dress effect with a jumpsuit.

Either of these kinds of outfits can go with heels or flats. Whichever kind of shoe suits you, you’ll look great!

Whatever you do don’t forget a bag! You’re going to need a bag because when you go to a wedding there are a millions things you need on your person: lipstick (because lipstick up-keep is vital), tissues (because if you’re not crying the person next to you will be), confetti (for obvious reasons), camera or phone (for all those happy snaps) and all the other important things. Keep all these essentials in a beautiful sparkly clutch or bucket bag that will complete your best-dressed wedding guest look!