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Binge Worthy Boxsets

One of our favourite things to do as a nation is to watch the telly. From soap operas to British drama to game shows, you can guarantee that every household has their pick of shows that they love to watch. With streaming services becoming more and more popular and with new content on them every day, we thought it would be nice to compile a list of


However, if you have opted for a Netflix or Now TV subscription or you have just watched all of your favourites and want something new, there are lots of interesting dramas online.

One of the things Britain does best is its dramas. With fantastic shows such as Broadchurch, Happy Valley and Line of Duty, there are plenty of things for you to watch on tv. You can catch up on your favourite BBC and ITV dramas on their websites – for free!

Black Mirror – Something of an alternate reality series, Black Mirror is a collection of stories involving technology and how it could affect our society. Each episode is different and is not linked so you can drop in wherever you want and the story lines range from slightly comedic to seriously dark. This is a really thought-provoking show that is very entertaining and definitely one that will leave you wanting more.

Stranger Things – Set in the 1980’s in the Midwestern town of Hawkins, the show follows a young girl named 11 with telekinetic powers who escapes from a government facility. She befriends a young group of misfits and together they battle to keep the small town safe. This is a show most have seen but if you haven’t, you really are missing out! With lots of action, comedy and 80’s anthems, this is a show that makes you want to snuggle up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and lose yourself.

The Crown – Whether you are patriotic or not, this is a fantastic show. If you love history, posh accents and fabulous costumes, you will love the crown. Based on the life and rein of Queen Elizabeth ll, the crown follows the young queen through the loss of her father, her marriage to Prince Phillip and her struggles maintaining her working and family relationships. This moves on in season 3 when we move on to a middle-aged Queen Elizabeth and her dealings with Charles and Camilla. Season 3 is now available on Netflix.


There is nothing better than watching something that genuinely makes you laugh. It raises the spirits and puts you in a great mood. Whether your comedy is dry, silly or a little bit crude – there is a something out there to have you in stitches!

There is nothing better than watching something that genuinely makes you laugh. It raises the spirits and puts you in a great mood. Whether your comedy is dry, silly or a little bit crude – there is a something out there to have you in stitches!

Friends – We have all seen friends but it’s just one of those shows that is so easy to watch and have on in the background that you probably haven’t actually seen all of every episode. Give it a binge and watch how the story plays out – you will get to know the characters a lot more than you think while reliving those iconic comedy scenes.

Afterlife – This is a very tongue in cheek show that is great for those with dry or crude humour. Centred around a man who has just lost his wife and his ability to care about anything, he starts to go off the rails in the most hilarious ways. This one can be a little bit sad in places but if you know and like Ricky Gervais then you already know what you are in for. The new season has just landed on Netflix so don’t waste any time with this one!

Horror / Thriller

If you love a scare then there are plenty of frights to be had in the form of some very popular tv shows. Here are a few we recommend:

Haunting of Hill House – This series was extremely popular when it first arrived on Netflix in 2019. Centred around the Crain family and their haunted past, this show plays with your mind and will leave you sleeping with the lights on. A second season is in the works so you won't have to wait long for the next instalment of this one.

American Horror Story – This anthology series is massively popular all over the world for its creepy, thrilling story telling. Each series has a different topic and while we would say that some seasonsaren't as scary as others, most of them are definitely spine tingling! With lots of urban legends and homages to real true crime cases, this is a really interesting series that you can sink your teeth into.

You – While this isn’t really considered a horror, it is definitely a notch above a drama. This show takes a look at stalking and how scary that can really be. This is one you could watch alone but will definitely have you double checking the doors and windows to make sure they are locked!


Netflix is the king of documentaries that will shock you, inspire you and make you cry. They have a range of topics to choose from and if you are stuck for something to watch, we highly recommend you check out some of their docu-series.

Tiger King – If you are looking for some light entertainment, watch Tiger King. This documentary follows Joe Exotic and the running of his big cat sanctuary in America. This show is packed with beautiful big cats, lies, betrayal and crime. It is something you have to see to believe and is currently extremely popular online.

Abducted in Plain Sight – This is the craziest thing you will ever see – we promise! This tells the story of Jan Broberg and her abduction by a close family friend. You will never believe what happens in this series and it really is a fantastic yet shocking watch that will have you screaming HER PARENTS DID WHAT?!

Fyre – This documentary may seem a little bit redundant at first as it follows the creation and ultimate demise of the luxury Fyre music festival. However, it is a look at the other side of theAmerican dream and what can happen when it fails. Each thing that happens is so shocking you do not know whether to laugh at or pity those involved and it goes to show what the power of social media can really do!

Now you are all set! Just remember to get up and walk around every now and again – even if it is just to pop the kettle on!