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Compliment Your Curves

Some top tips to compliment your curves and feel confident in your own skin!

Nip and Tuck

Find dresses that have folds and tuck in the right places to extenuate your figure. Don’t hide your curves; put them on display! A seam at your narrowest point will really show off your bust and hips in the most flattering way! If you’re worried about lumps and bumps, smooth them out with the ever-reliable spanx and enjoy the natural shape of your body!


Lots of our dresses and jumpsuits some with their own belts that will pull you in at the waist. This takes a comfortable piece of clothing that’s floaty and will hide any parts of the body you’re self-conscious about, and gives it a little something extra to help your womanly figure stand out and leaves you feeling comfortable yet feminine.

If you have an oversized shirt dress, a harem jumpsuit or something similar that doesn’t come with a belt, then simply add one to your outfit. Thin waist belts or think faux leather tie belts work wonders with oversized clothing!

Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg trousers, particularly high waisted ones will flow down giving you a tall elegant look showing off your luscious hips! Team them with a blouse which is shaped or that you can tuck in to extenuate your waist and accessories accordingly!

Note: Blouses with large, flamboyant shoulder detail will pull your shoulders out and make them broader and therefore making you waist look narrower.

Be you!

Be confident! Love Klass and 100% love yourself!

Accept your shape and own it. Love it! Wear clothes that make you feel like you! Never be afraid to shine. Wear whatever you like and simply spend some time styling your outfit, brining attention to your best assets!

You’re beautiful, no matter what size or shape.