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Dress For Your Shape

The right clothes can make us feel confident, elegant, sophisticated and feminine, whether you’re getting your glad rags on for that must-attend event or just keeping it casual.

The Apple

You have an apple shape body if you have broad shoulders, an average to a larger bust, fuller waist, narrow hips and nicely shaped legs.

The apple shape gains weight around the middle so choose styles that lengthen the body and draw attention to your nice shaped legs, a long necklace is always a good option to help draw the eye down and lengthen the body, but remember a belt is a no-no.

A loose-fitting top will hide your apple shaped body and wear with the skinny trousers, this will draw attention to your nice legs. If you want to put on that party frock, then draw the attention to your arms and legs and away from the body with a sleeveless design like this bold patterned scuba dress. The thick fabric creates a smooth silhouette while the flattering length shows off your best features!

The Pear

The pear shape has shoulders and torso that are narrower than the hips, a smaller bust, defined waist with fuller hips and thighs with a rounded bottom.

The pear shape gains weight on the thighs, hips and bottom. Choose styles that enhance your lovely waist and arms and balance the top half of your body with the bottom for a perfect silhouette.

Loose cut trousers are flattering, falling from the hips. Choose stripes to elongate the legs, wear with the lace trim top to draw attention to your top half, embellishment and chunky jewellery also draws attention to the top half of your body. Dresses with ruffles or layers to the skirt part of the dress will balance weight on the hips and the short sleeve will show a bit of skin drawing the attention upwards, you can always add a touch of jewellery around your neckline for added interest.

The Hourglass

The hourglass shape has a fuller bust, narrow waist (lucky you), full hips, an evenly proportioned figure that most wished they had.

The hourglass figure should be dressed to highlight natural curves, stay away from loose boxy styles and go for a more fitted style.

These styles are designed to enhance your hourglass shape. A flattering outfit is a fitted cold shoulder jersey top and a perfect fitting pair of jeans, bottom lift technology jeans are always a plus to accentuate you’re curvy behind. Dresses that fit snugly will show off your figure to its best and a belt is a must to draw attention to your narrowest point.

The Straight

The straight shape has an undefined waist, straight hips and bottom with small to average bust, an athletic physique.

Pick styles that fit snugly to your waist then flare out to create an illusion of curves and flaunt those arms and legs.

You should balance your look by wearing tops that flare out or have excess fabric to the bust or arm areas but nip in at the waist, team with a skirt that also flares out at the hemline, this will create a shapely figure.

Short sleeve dresses that fit at the waist and then flare out also create an illusion of a shapely figure. Belts can be worn also if you follow these tips but wear the belt at the narrowest point on your waist.

Embrace your shape, enjoy shopping for those outfits to bring out your best features and you will look and feel amazing day and night, season after season!