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Fashion Through The Ages

Fashion trends come and go but there are some styles that stand the test of time. Here we are looking at 100 years of iconic fashion and how those trends influence our style in 2020.

The 1920's

Fashion went through some modernisation in the 1920s. Women began taking more risks with their clothing and traditional corsets were swapped for a more columnar silhouette. The 1920s are the age of the Flapper Girls. Known for their short dresses and bobbed hair, these women were fashion icons. Some of the styles they wore are still very much in fashion today. Drop waists, embellishment and floaty dresses were all the rage at the time and still play a part in today's trends. Our Pleated Layered Tunic has a very 1920’s vibe and draws inspiration from the layered style of the time. Pair with some black jeans or leggings and court shoes for the perfect party look. You can even add an embellished headband if you want to give a nod to the Flapper Girls.

The 1930's

The 1930s saw the birth of the bias cut and many dresses were adorned with bows, frills and trims. The hemlines became longer again and the hourglass silhouette came back into fashion. This is the era of design, with technology improving and the notion of becoming a designer taken more seriously. This reflected in the clothing choices of the time as fashion became more about outward expression. Because of the advances of this time, we can offer you beautiful designs such as our Anna Rose Bias Cut Midi Dress. This stunning dress is so flattering and offers a modern twist on a classic silhouette with its vibrant colours.

The 1940's

After the 2nd world war, ladies fashion became more vibrant in order to create a brighter, happier appearance. A-line dresses of calf-length became a staple with ladies daywear and with more fabric being produced, there was a range of colours and textures to play with. Our Printed Pleat Short Sleeve dress is very reminiscent of these styles with its calf-length, slightly flared skirt and vibrant pattern. The pleated material makes for a flattering fit and the cap sleeves add that touch of class.

The 1950's

The 1950s was a time when fashion exploded into new colours, styles and silhouettes. The circle skirt was born and slim, sheath dresses came into fashion. Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ collection brought a new shape to the forefront of fashion. Padded chests and large, puffed skirts were used to make waists look smaller and drew inspiration from the Victorian era. The hourglass shape is very much sought after in modern fashion trends – although the flared skirts have been toned down. Check out our take on this classic style with our Anna Rose Chiffon Pleated Spot Midi Dress. This beautiful dress has a fit and flare style in a stunning polka dot print. The pleated material is comfortable, and the skirt is extra floaty! Pair with white courts and accessorize with pearls for the ultimate 50’s style.

The 1960's

The swinging ’60s was all about short skirts, short hair and big heels. The music scene was becoming one of the most iconic in history and young women were becoming much more experimental with their fashion choices. Mini dresses were all the rage paired with lots of eye makeup and accessories. Icons like Twiggy really influenced the scene and fashion and makeup brands such a Biba really helped the create the look that is forever associated with the decade. Our Sleeveless Botanical Print Dress is the perfect homage to the ’60s with its short hemline and vibrant colours. We recommend pairing with a pair of black tights and some under the knee boots for a laid back look. Ditch the tights and add some heels for the evening.

The 1970's

The 1970s were all about being comfortable and casual. Wide leg trousers, sweater vests, long dresses and colourful patterns were among the top trends. The decade did not have a defining look with some people sticking with their 60’s style and the hippie movement preferring more earth-toned, casual clothing. Our 1970’s look is this beautiful Printed Chiffon Maxi Dress. The flowing fabric is very reminiscent of the frilly patterned maxi dresses fashionable at the time. Pair with sandals or low heels for a laid back, comfortable look.

The 1980's

The 1980s was an explosion of colour and hair. Bright, neon colours were everywhere and with the popularity of activities such as Jazzercise and aerobics, athleisure wear became a big trend. Big hair was the statement of choice back in the ’80s, with crimpers and perms being the norm. This was a far cry from the relaxed waves of the 1970s. Put a little bit of the ’80s into your work out routine with our Leisurewear collection. Designed to be comfortable and breathable, our collection of activewear is colourful and practical.

The 1990's

Where the 1980s was full of colour and lycra, the 1990s toned it down with muted tones and oversized clothing. Gone were the leotards and in were the mom jeans! Oversized knitwear was a staple, paired with baggy jeans and trainers for a casual outfit that was easy to dance and party in. Staples of the decade included flannel shirts, crop tops and Doc Martens. Our Chenille Colour Block Jumper is a lovely nod to the ’90s with its batwing shape, blocked colours and an oversized fit. We recommend pairing it with a pair of slouched jeans and chunky trainers for that little piece of nostalgia.

The 2000's

The 2000s is arguably the worst decade for fashion, with the low rise jeans, tiny tops and tracksuits. However, there were some gems in the early 2000s that still influence fashion today. Denim jackets had their moment in the 2000s, with more structured styles being favoured over the oversized versions of the ’90s. Hats also played a big part in fashion. Accessories such as caps and flat caps can even be seen worn by some of the celebrities of the times on the red carpet! We love our Embellished Denim Jacket and it can easily be styled with some dark wash jeans for a subtle double denim look – very 90’s!

The 2010's

Over the last decade, there have been many trends to choose from. From hipster fashion to punk and even athleisure wear making a comeback. The grunge style faced a revival with ripped denim and animal print making a huge comeback. The 1970’s also played a part in the fashion of the decade with flowing blouses becoming a wardrobe staple. Our Printed Chiffon Top is the perfect balance of edgy and classy with its fluted sleeves and 1970’s inspired print. It fits perfectly into the 2010’s style as well as being bang on trend today.