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Helping the Local Community

Our Klass head office is based just outside of Manchester, in a town called Rochdale. We were recently approached by a local primary school caretaker who wanted to make something special for the children and was looking for wooden pallets. We happily donated the palettes and eagerly awaited the results! Take a look below at what they came up with:

One of the things the caretaker made was a little car for the children to play in! Built using two palettes, chairs and wheels and coated with a lick of red paint, this is the perfect place for the children to play.

We are so impressed with the way this has been put together and are proud to say that it has come from recycled materials rather than plastics!

Another little feature in the playground is the wooden house. This is a lovely addition to the school yard and will provide endless hours of fun for the children. We hope that they enjoy their new additions and we were very happy to help make them happen.