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How To Create A Smokey Eye

We understand that putting together an outfit for a big event can be stressful so we have combined some of our favourites from our collection of midi dresses with simple beauty tips to have you looking fabulous!

At Klass.co.uk you can find a variety of tasteful pieces that are perfect for that big event. Whether it be a charity ball, a works ‘do‘ or a family party – we want you to feel fantastic in Klass. We have put together some beauty tips to complement our garments, giving you a one-stop shop for your event!

Makeup is dependent on taste and personal preference so with this look we are going to keep it simple. That way if you prefer more you can always add to it.

Start off with your choice of eyeshadow – this could be a smokey cool-toned grey or a sun-kissed bronze palette. We recommend something that is not too pigmented as it will be easier to build up and correct any mistakes.

Start off with a small amount of eyeshadow primer or concealer across the eyelid. This will help with the longevity of the eyeshadow and stop anything creasing or separating in heat or under heavy lighting. Once you have the base down, sweep a matte, mid-tone brown all over the eyelid. We would recommend a reddish brown as this will bring warmth to the face.

Next, take a slightly deeper brown and an angled brush, apply this on your top lash line – where you would usually put liquid eyeliner. Take this from the inner corner all the way to the outer edge to give your eyes definition. Then taking a small fluffy brush and the first colour you used, buff the liner out to make it appear smokey.

And just like that, you are ready to turn heads! If you didn't find the perfect dress on this blog, we have a wide range available here!

From here you can add mascara and a thin line of brown kohl liner and lashes if you desire. It is a general rule of thumb that the older we get, the less shimmer we use on our eyes. This is down to personal preference, if you like some shimmer then add some! We would recommend lightly patting a bronze shimmer over the eyelid to add some sparkle.

To tie the look together, take your angled brush and the soft brown colour and copy the line you did on the top lashes but on the bottom. Do this lightly to just add some slight definition. If this is too light, go closer to the lashes with your darker brown and again buff this out slightly to smoke it out.

Finish everything off with a dab of a light-coloured shimmer at the tear duct, this makes the eyes appear brighter and more alert. Add your choice of lipstick and some warm-peach blush and you are ready to go! An easy yet put together smokey eye that leaves you looking bronze and fresh.