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How to Style

You might call your friend or watch your favourite stylist for some tips when it comes to styling your Klass outfits...we share with you some tips on how to style some of our favourite tops of the season, start your own looks!

Add colour to your wardrobe with our orange, sleeveless, jersey top! The chiffon zig zag details will sprinkle your day with personality.

Enhance your look with a printed georgette cover up designed with crochet detailing perfect for a hot summer night.

Conclude your look by adding casual black sandals and Anna rose’s detailed cropped trousers that come with a stretch! Stand out wherever you go. Shop now on our website.

Perfect for any casual occasion, this can be matched with your everyday looks, it is hot and summer ready. Here are two outfit ideas we have put together to make styling easier with Klass.

Style it with our red and white striped cropped trousers, which include beautiful soft belts and nice sized pockets to carry any essentials. Shop now on our website!

Dress to impress everyday! Rather be overdressed than underdressed! Right?

Step in style in our classic semi relaxed fitting white jersey top matched with our striped cropped trousers, different design to enhance your everyday look.

Lime green, Embroidered black and Mint. Finish your look in some simple black sandals, be your own stylist! Shop now on our website.