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Light layering

Layering can sometimes ruin the outfit you had in mind. Explore some tips with Klass on how to layer the right way and keep warm for any occasion.


Cardigans are an easy way to stay warm and still keep your style light and comfortable. Layering can make or break your outfit depending on how you do it, Klass offers a great range of scarves that would look great with our longline open cardigan which also comes in green! You can add a turtleneck, a cami or a shirt under your cardigan dispensing on the look you are trying to achieve. Shop some of the tunics and tops we offer that could complete your autumn outfit.

Hooded Parka

Hooded parka is very light, but it is just the right length and waterproof! Layering becomes easy no matter the weather and it comes with a spacious hood that can protect you from getting wet. Layer this jacket with a knitted top, a sweater or a top of your choice. Finish your look with a scarf of your choice Explore some of the Knitwear Klass offers to find the right match for this autumn jacket!

Leopard Sheer Tunic

You might want to layer your cami or your short sleeve tops but would still like to feel light and free wherever you are. Nothing is lighter than sheer! Our leopard oversized tunic can be worn open or closed and it can be a great addition to take your outfit to the next level. Finish your look with some mum jeans or some tight black leggings!