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The Perfect Little Pick Me Ups...

Times can be tough. With the kids off school, approaching deadlines and not enough hours in the day, sometimes it can feel like you are being pulled in all directions. Everyone needs a little 'pick me up' now and again and I have put together some of my favourite things to do on the down days. So, without further ado...

Something to get you through

Sometimes, you just need something to look forward to in order to lift your spirits. Why not book a few days off work and extend one of your upcoming weekends? Take some YOU time with a weekend getaway or a spa experience. Too expensive right? No – not if you’re looking in the right place. Check out websites like Groupon or Wowcher for the latest deals near you. Take a friend with you and rant about life. Or don’t; just enjoy each other’s company. Or just enjoy your own company!

You don’t always have to go with another person to get away. Take yourself on a small journey of self-discovery. Focus on yourself: on your own thoughts, on your own plans, on your own breathing. Take a day to empty your mind and sort out all those thoughts that are making you go slightly insane. Trust us – sometimes you just need that space and something to look forward to…

Something to make you laugh

Pretty 52’s facebook page posts some pretty interesting posts. Funny sibling videos, interesting articles and the latest on reality TV. It’s a great page to scroll through over your morning coffee when you just need to escape reality for a moment.

You’ll find all kinds of things, but the funny videos are a favourite. Check out this man playing with his cat for a little giggle:


Something to push your ‘Aww’ button

Being a dog owner and a cat lover, I can’t contain my ‘Awhhs’ when it comes to cute videos and pictures of animals. Feast your eyes on some heart melting stuff to take a break from your day. This Instagram account follows a baby monkey adopted by Jay Kennedy. He’s guaranteed to make you smile! And if photographs aren’t enough…

he has a YouTube channel!

Something to treat yourself

Sometimes retail therapy does help! It won’t solve all your problems and it won’t fix anything that’s broken, but just a little treat for yourself can really brighten your day. When that parcel arrives and you unfold that brand new piece of clothing, you get a little buzz of excitement that can really lift your week. Wear that new dress and feel like a million dollars, or tuck yourself up in your new PJs and feel all cuddly and cosy after a hard week.

Something to treat yourself

This week, I found a video that really spoke out to me and I had to share it on my own Facebook page. I needed to hear the words of this inspiring young woman. Deshauna Barber is not a name I had heard of before, but this recent video put her on my radar. Barber was crowned Miss USA in 2016, she is motivational speaker and a captain in the United States Army Reserve. In this video she talks about a few life situations and turns them into really inspiring metaphors which if you’re feeling a bit down, or stuck or defeated, is really nice to hear.

“Do not fear failure, but please be terrified of regret” she comments; a powerful statement that we all should know in our hearts. She also talks about personal growth and how we must first grow in ourselves before we will be the person we need to be when we reach our personal goals. This speech really spoke to me and if you’re feeling uninspired at the moment, it might be the boost you need too.

Whether you’re feeling down, upset, bored or you just need a distraction for a little while, I hope this blog has given you the pick-me-up you need to see you through…

Lots of love, from Klass xx