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Your New Years Eve Sorted!

It is almost here – the end of a decade and a time for new beginnings. New Years eve is the biggest party night of the year and you want to ring it in with style! We have put together the ultimate guide to New Years Eve complete with makeup tips, the best tipples and of course – the perfect outfit!

Top Tipples

Whether you are hosting your own party or going out with friends, its nice to have some tasty drinks to sip on while you celebrate. We have two recipes that are sure to be a hit with everyone at the party!

Spiked Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

This drink is super quick and easy to make and will go down a treat! All you need is:

Fresh punnet of Strawberries



250 ml premium Vodka

Sugar (around 2 tablespoons)


Strawberries to garnish

Simply add all of the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Add to Mason Jars for a cute touch and garnish with some left-over strawberries. Pop in a reusable straw (or a paper one) and you have the perfect drink!

Orange Screwdriver

The easiest of cocktails with the tastiest flavour – what more could you want! This two-ingredient drink will be a hit and is a little taste of summer in the cold winter.

You will need:

Fresh Orange Juice

Premium Vodka

Optional – Ice, Orange garnish

Keep the vodka and orange chilled before combining, this will keep the flavour crisp and fresh. Measure your vodka – go on do a double – and then add in your orange juice. Add in some ice to keep it cold and garnish with some vodka. Super simple and satisfying.


If you want to make a statement this NYE, add some glam to your look!

Keep the skin the same as above, you want the eyes to be the main focus. Start by applying a thin layer of priming eye base on your eyelid and blend up to the brow. Using a fluffy brush, apply a peachy colour all over the eyelid and slightly up into the crease. Next, taking a glitter primer and your finger, tap the primer over the top of the eyeshadow to form a thin layer. Next, taking a silver chunky glitter, lightly pat it sparingly over the eyelid.

Be careful to do this in thin layers or you could end up with lots of glitter on the eye – the point of this is to get a light wash of glitter. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner on the top lash-line and flick it into a wing if you are feeling fancy. Apply some wispy false lashes and coat the bottom lashes with mascara. Pair with a rose nude lip and your best party dress. You can style the hair however you like; we love the curly look that Lily Collins has here!

Soft and Subtle

Sometimes a pop of shimmer is all you need to completely transform a subtle look into a beautiful party glam.

The first step to perfect makeup is a good skincare routine. The night before the party, exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliant – we recommend Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser as it is very gentle on the skin but effectively removes dry skin. Next prep with a mask suited to your skin type, finish with serum, moisturiser and eye cream and get some sleep. When you wake up the next morning your skin with be fresh and plump ready for your makeup!

To start out, apply a primer to the skin that will help the makeup grip and last all day. Pick one that is best for your skin type – if you have oily skin opt for something pore minimising and if you are on the drier side opt for something ‘luminous’.

Apply a medium coverage foundation starting from the centre of the face and blending outwards for a fresh-faced look. Next, add concealer under the eyes and to any problem areas. Set with a light dusting of powder and then bronze the skin. Add some peachy blush to the apples of the cheeks and dust some highlighter on the high points of the face.

Next start on the eyes – sweep a warm brown all over the eyelid and blend towards the brow. Don’t go too high – try and keep the concentration of colour just above the crease of the eye and then feather it out. Next, using your finger, pat a warm gold shimmer eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. Your finger will keep the colour nice and soft, so you don’t have to worry about over-doing it. Next line the top lash line with a chocolate brown eyeliner and gently smudge using a pencil brush.

Apply some light false lashes and apply mascara to the lower lash line. For that pop of sparkle, take a duo-chrome eyeshadow (a good tip is to pick one that matches your outfit for a uniform look) and place it on the inner corner of the eye. This will add a pop of sparkle and draw the eye. Brush your brows upwards and add some hair strokes with a cool toned brown powder. Finish with a soft, peach nude lip and some setting spray to keep it all in place! Style the hair out of the face to have all the focus on your beautiful face!

The time has come, your drinks are prepared, your face and hair are looking perfect, all you need to do now is slip into something a little more party appropriate! We have a wide range of dresses, smart tops and jumpsuits for you to choose from – meaning you will always find the perfect party outfit at the best price!

There is nothing quite like a jumpsuit, they are very flattering and comfortable so are perfect for dancing the night away! Our Peal Trim Sleeveless Jumpsuit is stunning! It is cut just right and enhances the figure beautifully. The pearl detail adds some glamour to the overall look – this is a classy yet comfortable piece for maximum comfort, minimum effort.

If you want to show a little leg, opt for one of our stunning midi dresses. This Embellished Midi Dress is so beautifully crafted with delicate sequins and mesh. The emerald green colour is striking and perfect for the festive season. Pair with some simple heels and one of our clutch bags and you are ready to party!

Maybe the big party isn’t for you. Sometimes it is nice to go for a meal with the family or head for a quiet drink with friends at the pub. Nights like that don’t call for fancy dresses and we have some lovely alternatives for you.

You can’t go wrong with a staple pair of skinny jeans and a nice top. Our Black Embellished Jeans are figure hugging (in all the right places) and the added sparkle at the bottom ties in nicely with the festivities. Pair with our Chiffon Cape Top and some silver strappy heels for an understated yet put together look.

If you want something even more simple, opt for our Snakeskin Trousers and Bell Sleeve Top. This outfit is nice and simple so you can really experiment with accessories until you find the perfect balance. Go for statement earrings or a bright coloured bag – the possibilities are endless!