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Your Weekend Wardrobe

You've been working all week. Whether you’ve been sat at a desk, stood on your feet or running around the house getting that pile of ironing done or washing the never-ending trail of dishes. And now… it’s the weekend. And you’ve got plans. Big plans! You will not let this weekend go to waste. You’ve got things to do, people to see and places to go.


It's been a long day and it's so tempting to pull on your PJs and crawl into bed. But you do that EVERY night during the week and how can you ignore that Printed Chiffon Layered Top that's hanging on the wardrobe door with the tags still on. It was a steal at £32 and wouldn't it just look perfect with a pair of jeans and some strappy heels.

You know what? This outfit deserves to be seen! This outfit deserves to go out! Reach for your phone and call the girls. Tell them you'll be ready in an hour and you'll meet them at your favourite cocktail bar.

Saturday Day

Family time is the most important time. You need an outfit that looks great and is practical for all kinds of activities. Running around after the kiddies, going to the cinema, taking a nice walk with the dog. Even doing the boring food shop, you need an outfit that looks great and keeps you comfy. A piece like our Glitter Chevron Top priced at £24 foes perfectly with Full-Length Leggings (£10) and provides you with the comfort and flexibility you need to spend quality time with your family. Don't forget to take a jacker, the seasons are changing and that breeze can catch you out! Our Sleeved Tassel Cape is a versatile wardrobe addition and a must have at only £25!

Saturday Night

Maybe you've got a party to go to? Is it someone's birthday or anniversary? Or maybe you have a dinner scheduled with your one and only? No matter what it is, it's been pencilled in the diary for weeks and you still don't know what to wear but you know you want to look amazing! And you will. Sparkle with Embellished Shimmer Maxi Dress for just £60. Not comfortable with sleeveless? Feel equally fabulous with one of our Embroidered Sequin Mesh Midi Dress. This beautiful dress is available in pink and blue and is only £55! Pair either of these dresses with your favourite heels and a bit of lippy for a stunning look that will keep you turning heads all evening.


Sunday brunch is a great excuse to have a chat with your friends and/or family. It's a chance to catch up on the week and plan the upcoming weeks too. You want to look nice, but you don't want to put in too much effort. Today is Sunday! It's a day to relax. So what to wear? Go for a relaxed top for maximum comfort but add a bit of sparkle to feel special. The Long Sleeve Pintuck Floral Tunic at £28 is a great addition to any wardrobe. Couple it with the Full-Length Black Leggings (£10) and knee-high boots for a stylish Sunday lunch outfit.

Sunday Evening

Time to relax! Pull on some leggings or your favourite pyjama bottoms. Get your slippers out and wrap up in the Long Sleeve Feather Knit Top (£20) to stay cosy while you cuddle up on the couch with a well-deserved cup of tea.

Treat yourself with your favourite TV programmes or even that film you've been meaning to watch. "Me" time is just as important as any other time so embrace it and enjoy it before Monday morning strikes again.